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Something you would prefer not to think about?

The idea behind this project is to encourage those who have unilateral control over any domestic affairs to ensure that a partner is not left in chaos at "falling off perch" time.

By injecting a little humour and colour into the process of organising your affairs, here is an opportunity to turn something that you may prefer not to think about, let alone discuss, into a process that could become almost pleasurable.

Once admitted to the Departure Lounge, you will be guided and prompted to store important financial, legal and organisational information in one secure place, that can only be accessed by a fellow family member that you authorise.

… And, if you are concerned about storing lots of very valuable and confidential information online, please don't worry. You can remain completely anonymous! The only information by which we can identify you is your email address, so please use one that does not contain your full name.

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